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I am delighted to present two models I made. I decided that both would be related to ancient Greece theme. It took some time to develop required 'technology' I used to build these, but thanks to that process I got some new skills and experience. Soon I am going to try find buyers for them and also post some guides as for modeling techniques.

Why ancient Greece?

It's time to write a few word about models. Let's begin with the bigger one – I'll explain later why. Anyway, I was looking for some object that would be recognizable among many people. Honestly, because it's the very begining of MiniatureModels activity, I also need something to attract 'attention' - hopefully the Parthenon will do the job ;).

Miniature is not beautiful by itself - it's all about original

Monuments are a very good fit here - especially when you consider the mighty Parthenon. Recreaing it was challenging, but final effect is satisfying I guess. I will probaly change my opinion in a few years, but now I simply enjoy the moment. Ancient columns in GreeceI already have some ideas how to improve it and make it better-looking, but now I have to care about other matters.

Anyway, I have posted 15 high-resolution images on the Parthenon page, as well as description – check it out.

Ok, it's time to write something about 'Ancient temple ruin', which is much smaller, but also looks nice. Basic idea behind this diorama, was to create similar-themed model, but more compact and affordable. It was a mix of a few elements I imagine when I think about Greco-Roman world. So there are some ruins and suitable landscape. Obviously you can see more details and photos on the product's page.

Apart from making dioramas, I had to figure out how to make transparent showcases which are thin, strong, estethic and won't ruin the budget. I am proud of accomplishing that mission (only the patience was ruined;)) and probably I will post some kind of tutorial in the future – showcases are usefull not only in modeling. By the way, it's curious how many things could go wrong when you experimenting – nevertheless, it was pretty fun.