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The Parthenon model

One of the most famous monuments in the world, designed by Iktinos and Callicrates. Parthenon is the most iconic symbol of Ancient Greece, but also a sign of power of west civilization. There is many adjectives we can use to describe the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena: marvelous, mighty, long-lasting.

The Parthenon was completed in 432 BC – it took 15 years to build it. As I mentioned before, Parthenon was built to honor Athens' patron goddess, but also to commemorate the Greek victory over the Persians.

The temple survived different adventures – the biggest was in 1687, when Parthenon was partly damaged during Great Turkish War (building was used as a magazine of gunpowder – which blew up). There is also a widely-known dispute over the marbles, which were removed by Thomas Bruce, from 1801 to 1803 (currently most of them are located in the British Museum).

Well, there is plenty more history related to the Parthenon – combined with its architecture, we can easily guess why it attracts millions of tourist every year.

So how about having Parthenon in your home?

The Parthenon ruins – realistic model

The real dimenions are 69.5 by 30.9 m (height 13.72 m). MiniatureModels offers you a replica of the Parthenon, which you could easily fit on your shelf. Nowadays, shops sell many ‘Parthenon-themed’ souvenirs, however until now there was no high-detailed, realistic diorama of it, which can be an original element of room's decor or an extraordinary souvenir. It's hard to pass by this Parthenon diorama without turning attention.


  • hand-made diorama;
  • scale: approximately 1:220
  • presents building in its current condition (partly ruined);
  • includes acrylic glass showcase (transparent). Dimensions: 20 cm by 35 cm (height 14 cm); weight: 2.5 kg;
  • main material: artificial stone and spackling compound.

Important notice: due to the fact that models are hand-made, every model is unique and slightly differs from the visible images. This is not a toy.

Price: 150 €

The Parthenon model – images

Here are some actual pictures of diorama.

The Parthenon realistic model 1:220

Parthenon ruins miniature model

South view of the Parthenon model

West view of the Parthenon model

Ruined columns of the Parthenon model

Inside view of the Parthenon model

West facade of the Parthenon model

Parthenon model horse marble

Parthenon model from north-west view

Parthenon model from top view

Miniature diorama of the Parthenon temple

Parthenon model in acrylic glass showcase

Parthenon model in transparent showcase

Parthenon model with blue sky

Parthenon diorama with sky and clouds