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Ancient temple ruin – miniature model

Ancient times are remarkable period of our history – especially when we focus on ‘classical antiquity’ which refers to Greco-Roman world and the period between the 8th century BC and the 5th century AD. Through that times, many aspects of life (cultural, social, scientific) significantly developed which shaped future Europe. We also admire ancient architecture, such as the Acropolis of Athens (see also the Parthenon model).

If you somehow feel close to this theme or you just wish to have (or maybe give as a present) something that reminds it, lets have a look at a small miniature diorama of ancient temple ruin. It’s basicaly a detailed landscape with the altar dedicated to goddess. An essence of ancient times – mediterranean scenery , columns, monument, olive tree – all closed in showcase which you can put on shelf.


  • hand-made work;
  • scale: approximately 1:72
  • includes acrylic glass showcase (transparent). Dimenions: 20 cm by 12 cm (height 10 cm); weight: 0.5 kg;
  • main material: artificial stone and spackling compound.

Important notice: due to the fact that models are hand-made, every model is unique and slightly differs from the visible images. This is not a toy.

Price: 50 € 

Images of ancient temple ruin diorama

Too many words is a bad thing, it is time to see real images:

Miniature model of ancient temple ruin 1:72

Miniature ancient statue and columns

Olive tree and ancient ruin model

Diorama of ancient landscape with temple ruin

Model of ancient temple ruin in acrylic glass showcase

Miniature model of ancient temple ruin with sky and sun