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A few years ago I built small 'Caribbean beach diorama'. Recently I have decided to update its apperance a little bit. So another remaster has just happened – you might want to take a look.

Tropical beach diorama (H0)

If you have not seen an original beach diorama, here is the link.

Basic assumption of the project remained the same: it supposes to imitate a sand beach and azure sea, alongside with palm trees, exotic plants and rocks. The size of this diorama is rather small (24x18 cm) and scale is approximately 1:87 (H0).

The first change was applied to the frame – now it's made out of wood (not MDF) in shabby chic style. In my opinion, white and old-styled wooden frame combines with such scenery perfectly. However, golden frame was also a nice fit.

As for the sea, overall painting has been improved – there is more gradient than before.

The area with the sand and rocks is very similar to the previous version – there is a small change in terms of used colors. I decided to ditch a footbridge. The construction of straw sunshade is also new.

A major modification was introduced to the palm trees. First, instead of one, I placed 3 palm trees. I chose different sizes and types. The second adjustment was related to painting – I covered the whole model of palm tree with paint (trunk and leaves) so the final effect was much more realistic.

 Amazing diorama of tropical beach

Beach diorama in 1:87 scale (H0)

Diorama of palm trees on the beach

Miniature azure sea and beach diorama

Beach diorama in wooden white frame

Tropical scenery miniature diorama