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Caribbean beach diorama


If you think about paradise or dreamed holiday, I bet that in your mind there is a picture of white-sand beach and azure sea, alongside with palm trees and other exotic plants. Combination of these views and sun makes perfect conditions to rest and enjoy the nature. Of course, there is many breathtaking places in the world, however caribbean beaches are symbol of luxury in terms of relaxing.

Most of us don't have the opportunity to admire such views in everyday life, so we miss it even more. Especially, when we need to get up early in the morning, and there are grey clouds and rain outside. So maybe it's time to bring caribbean island home?

This hand-made diorama will help you remind sunny, warm beach every time you look at it. I created it as usual - with attention to details and realism. Due to relatively small size, you can easily place it on your shelf.

⦁ scale: approximately 1:87 (H0)
⦁ dimensions: 20 cm by 15 cm (height 15 cm); weight: 0.2 kg;
⦁ caribbean coast diorama contains imitations of sea, sand, tropical plants including palm tree, rocks, bonfire, wooden bridge and straw sunshade;
⦁ comes with gold-wood styled frame.

Important notice: due to the fact that models are hand-made, every model is unique and slightly differs from the visible images. This is not a toy.

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 Diorama of caribbean beach and sea

Beautiful diorama of caribbean landscape including beach

Miniature model of sunshade on the beach

Miniature model of caribbean scenery

Diorama containing beach, flora and sea

Exotic plants on the beach - H0 diorama

Tropical beach diorama with blue sky and clouds

Beach diorama with the sky