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It has been a while, but now it's finally time to present you a new miniature model. This time I decided to make small imitation of landscape related to holidays.

Caribbean island too expensive? Not any more...

Probably I am one of the many people dreaming of holiday on caribbean island. Breathtaking views, sun, azure sea, exotic culture and more - these are expectations which comes with such great place. It good to own something which at least reminds caribbean island - so there is new idea ready to transform into diorama.

To make it looks good, there was a need to maintain high level of details, but it's not key part. In my opinion, it's all about combination of elements (sand, sea, plants) taken directly from the nature - then you get 'wow' effect, similar to real experience. Of course it's hard to compare staring at model with presence, but is a step, the same when you look at miniature model of your dream car you can't currently afford to.

Check out my caribbean beach diorama and let me know what you think of it. Currently visible model is for sale - if there would be interest, I am going to built more pieces.