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This diorama has interesting genesis and soon will be available for sale. It was part of larger landscape which I made a very long time ago. If you  create something from time to time, you probably know that work from the past often looks bad. Just bad - you could improve every aspect of it. However this case was a bit different - that is why diorama is still (partly) alive. 

Diorama: ruined castle tower and pond

A few more words about old diorama - it was quite big landscape with two towers, junkyard and warehouses. First tower was inspired by Far Cry 3 game and the second was classic, medieval tower (partly ruined).

Recently I decided to dismantle this diorama to three pieces. One of them still had impressive look, despite of passed time. Obviously it was old castle tower with pond.

I created ruins with use of decorflex (made by Faller) and I am proud of achieved effect to this day - that's why I decided to 'remaster' this diorama. As for the second object (pond), I would have done it differently now (mainly painting), but it is good enough. I had to replace trees; I added also some new vegetation. I left old grass - it was another great choose of materials - this shade of green looks stunning, especially in the sunlight. Whole thing was put into black, solid frame. Total size of diorama is 28x35 cm and scale is H0 (1:87). Well, let me present you images of landscape with old tower ruins:

Ruined medieval tower with green landscape - H0 diorama

old stone tower diorama

Diorama - landscape with green vegetation and tower ruin

Green pond with castle tower - H0 diorama

Ruined old tower diorama