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Plane wreck in Vietnam – diorama

Vietnam is far away from my homeland, but it's not anonimous. I have several associations with this country. Of course one of these is the Vietnam War, which brought misery and destruction. Wars always cause severe and extensive damage to nations and countries – some of them slowly dissapear with time (like aircraft wrecks), other have disastrous effect trough generations (ex. defoliant 'Agent Orange'); there are also things that cannot be reversed – as human lifes.

This diorama presents two extremes: beautiful Vietnamese nature and aircraft wreck from the Vietnam War.
Due to relatively small size, you can easily place it on your shelf (or hang on the wall as shadow box).

⦁ scale: approximately 1:87 (H0)
⦁ dimensions: 20 cm by 15 cm (height 9.5 cm); weight: 0.2 kg;
⦁ comes with gold-wood styled frame.

Important notice: this is not a toy.
Price:55€ (archival offer).


 Diorama of wreck from Vietnam war

Diorama of plane wreck in vietnamese scenery

model of destroyed aircraft in Vietnam

model of plane wreck - handmade diorama

USA plane wreck in Vietnam diorama

diorama of crashed rusty plane

vietnamese jungle with wreck diorama

diorama of aircraft wreck from the top

plane wreck in sunny Vietnam with sky and clouds in background