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As I mentioned in my last facebook post I decided not to develop any commercial miniature models in the near future. It wasn't pleasant decision, but it became clear to me that commercial potential of my ideas is definitely not big enough.
However there is also a good news - I'm not going to drop 'art' completely - lately I focused on functional art and it's time to present you some wall hangers.

Pirate wall hangers/coat racks for clothes or towels

'Pirates' and sailing became the main theme of several wall hangers I made. Honestly I am not quite sure why, but I found some nice accesories and base of these is wood, so let's say it just happened. Another thing is that I always had some positive feelings for this theme. Five out of eight of my coat racks are focused on pirate/sailing - here I present you three pieces.

Classic pirate wall hanger

I was thinking about most recognizable items related to pirates. The first thing that came to my mind was skull/bones and hook. The second one was pretty easy - I needed some hooks to fulfill a practical role of my hanger anyway.
I found also nice pirate metal emblems which with some addiotional stylization looks great. The same goes with pirate pistol - another characteristic element from pirates world. The most challenging mission was to attach it to the wooden base of my rack. And then I found another great sailing accesorry - miniature rope net which was perfect for that job.

I also wanted to place some strong/famous caption - 'beware of pirates' sounds very appriopriate here. Color scheme is another aspect which make my hangers shouts 'Arrr! Give me your coat now!' ;)

Pirate wall hanger - pirate theme

Wooden coat rack with pirate pistol

Davy Jones wall hanger

This one was completely inspired by famous sailors' devil, a monster or a ghost named Davy Jones. Obviously, Disney movies of 'Pirates of the Carribean' brought recognition of Davy Jones to whole new level.
Idea of the base was simple - it meant to remind a piece of board from 'Flying Dutchman'. It combines well with green 'Davy Jones Locker' caption and other elements. Metal octopuses were another Davy Jones indicator. Golden color of octopuses and hooks  gave some pirate vibes to the hanger.

Wooden wall hanger - Davy Jones theme

Davy Jones locker caption from wooden coat rack

Marine coat rack

The last one I present here, is not about pirates, but still very close to that theme because it's about sailing. This time my mission was to include all 'marine' colors - so I mixed white wooden plank, navy 'ahoy mate' caption and golden elements: hooks, rudders and anchors. It's definitely more neutral and mild than previous ones, but I like it a lot.

Marine wall hanger for clothes or towels

Wooden coat rack - sailing theme