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It's time to show you my latest piece of work. I made Miami Beach diorama for special order - it's mean to be a background and element of exibition stand with jewellery collection related to this theme and timeline (1950-1980).

Miami Beach Diorama

First of all, size was pretty compact (approx. 40x50 cm); scale 1:87. The point of whole thing was to make it feel characteristic Miami vibe 1950-80s. There are two hotels (one is inspired by historical and luxury resort), street, beach and the ocean shore. I got also a bit of inspiration from 'Vice City' - mainly blue and pink lights which you can notice around buildings. Cars are also important part of recreating classic Miami street - you can find Ford Mustang, Lincoln Continental, Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Countach, Mercedes 190 SL and Ford Thunderbird.

I think that final effect is very good - number of details could be even higher, but there was budget I had to keep eye on. It was nice work to do, but it took around 4 weeks. Some things were demanding and new for me, but after all it gave me also a new experience.

Miniature model of classic Miami street

Diorama of miami hotels in scale

Intercetion in sunny Miami - diorama

Sunbathers on Miami Beach - diorama

Classic Lincoln and Ford in Miami - diorama

Miami beach diorama during sunset

Diorama of city during night

Miami beach night diorama

Cars and street lights in Miami - diorama

realistic diorama of Miami Beach by night