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Around 3 months ago I decided to not develop any commercial models in the nearest future, however this kind of work found me anyway. It's seems that soon I will have something really interesting to present here. I decided to write a bit about custom dioramas in case someone was looking for one.

Custom diorama on request?

Well, I have completed rebuilding my very old 'city' diorama and adding another two countryside dioramas (smaller) - all in the purpose of creating eco-city for educational purposes. Children during special classes are going to 'produce' green energy with real water, light and wind in order to power the city (lights inside buildings, street lamps, cars). diorama of eco-city

Another diorama is going to be basically background for some products and element of exhibition stand. I can't say more now, but after I finish it, I will come back with another post about it.

Those two jobs make me wondering if there is a need of creating custom, specific dioramas on order. Well, it may be niche market where is hard to connect sellers and buyers, but Internet is definitely a good place to place to start. So, if you are here trying to find someone to build realistic diorama for you, contact me on facebook - I'll do my best to help.