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American road – diorama in H0 scale

Important information: in 2023 I created a new version of this diorama – below original post you will find also a few images of 'remastered' model. 

I'm not sure why, but it's enough to give me these 2 words and I have ready image in my mind. Probably it's beacuse of the movies – many of them were shot in the USA – and theme of road trip is definetely not rare. From my perspective, it is classic long journey throught empty Texas roads. I know that maybe there are some inaccuracies in this vision in comparison to reality, but it sounds really nice.

So, this idea came into life – I decided to create a small imitation of road in the middle of nowhere. To make it a little bit more interesting, I put there a car wreck (american type obviously).

Due to relatively small size, you can easily place it on your shelf (or hang on the wall as shadow box).

⦁ scale: approximately 1:87 (H0)
⦁ dimensions: 20 cm by 15 cm (height 4.5 cm); weight: 0.2 kg;
⦁ comes with gold-wood styled frame.

Important notice: this is not a toy.


Diorama of amercian road in 1:87 scale

Model of car wreck on the road - diorama

Desert road miniature model

Road with wrecked car H0 diorama

American road diorama from the top

Model of empty road in the USA

Road in the USA diorama

Diorama of american road with clouds in the background

New american highway diorama

As I mentioned before, in 2023 I built new diorama. In terms of general concept and dimensions nothing really has changed, but there are a few improvements.

Highway dusty desert road diorama

American-style diorama in 1:87 scale

Asphalt road in desert from the air - miniature diorama